A smart solution for brand licensing

Made by the team that loves licensing brands

Our founder Kalle Torma is an entrepreneur and a brand licensing professional who, back in 2015, saw the industry need for a solution that is intuitive, automated, and easy to implement. Together with the team of true fans of brands and enthusiastic techies, Kalle started building Flowhaven to help brands optimize their brand equities in licensing and scale their businesses globally. Today, Flowhaven works with dozens of brands, licensees and licensing agents from industries such as media, entertainment, sports, and others internationally, bringing the flexibility and tools needed to bring their programs to the next level.

Flowhaven facts

Founded in 2016

Team of 10 Flowhaveners

Clients based in 3 continents

20+ brands served

We know brand licensing

We know how hard it is to prioritize tasks in the licensing workflow and efficiently collaborate with licensing partners, as well as how scarce is the offer of software tools that are tailored to the industry needs. Having worked with dozens of licensors licensing agents and licensees, we understand how difficult it is to strategically steer the business and spot the market opportunities in time. That’s why we designed Flowhaven to respond to the real needs of brand owners and make team collaboration a breeze.

Our Why

Our mission is to make online brand licensing easy to manage while scaling up the business and maintaining strategic partnerships. This principle has shaped the architecture of our software solution, and they determine the strategic focus of our daily work.

How we help

At Flowhaven, we are passionate about helping our customers create cutting-edge brand experiences for their fans. We do that by working closely with our clients’ teams and avoiding the trivial practice of working harder, not smarter. Our determination to customer success is powered by a team of creative and enterprising talents.

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