Encouraging licensing teams to work wonders together

Scaling your licensing business while maintaining full control over current operations? Yes!

Automated workflows

Advanced analytics

Creative collaboration tools


All-in-one solution

Optimization of licensing workflows

Focus on the right tasks and succeed together

Advanced optimization of licensing workflows and processes makes the daily workload of licensing departments easier and more fun. Your internal team will appreciate the extra time and resources enabled through the automation of product approvals and validation of sales reports. With more time, you teams gets to focus on the strategic tasks that really matter, ultimately getting more done in the agreed time.

Smoot brand licensing partnerships with Flowhaven CRM

Enjoy smoother and healthier licensing partnerships

You and your strategic partner can finally forget about the messy, never-ending email-bound product approval loops of the past. Now, all your partnership history is stored in one platform, and your internal and external teams can access it any time based on the rights granted to them.

Faster speed-to-market with Flowhaven CRM

Nurture happy and loyal fandoms

With the solution that embraces all aspects of your licensing business and improves your product development process, you will gain the advantage of faster speed-to-market and larger sales windows for your products. This makes your licensing programs more cost-efficient and successful in the market.

Insightful Analytics Flowhaven CRM

Gain business insights and take the right actions

The actionable analytics of your royalty reports gives you clarity as to what works in your licensing business and what doesn’t. You can tune the reports to display any data that is business-critical to your teams and instantly see which direction your licensing program is going and make the right fixes right away if needed.

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