Brand Licensing Business

How Efficient Are Outbound Sales In The Brand Licensing Business? 2 months ago

As brand licensing is gradually gaining its momentum, with its annual turnover has increased by 3.3% over the past year, more and more innovation is flowing into this industry. However, acquiring new strategic partnership seems to be quite traditional with outbound sales being the most preferred by licensors mean of landing new licensee partnerships. But exactly how effective is this method? Our CCO, Timo Olkkola, shares his thoughts on the subject along with flashbacks from his professional experience in the industry.

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Brand Loyalty

Building Brand Loyalty Through Outstanding Customer Service: The Headphones Brand Case 3 months ago

Today, it has become much harder for even the most prominent brands to build a loyal audience. The number of factors shaping brand loyalty, or the positive feelings that a brand’s fans experience thinking about its products, is pretty huge. These include, but are far not limited to, a brand’s message, design, the fan community around it, its social media image, and many other factors. In this article, we will talk about another factor, which is not any less vital for building strong brand loyalty – (outstanding) customer service.

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A Throwback To The Early Days Of Flowhaven's Brand design

Importance of Brand Design To B2B Businesses: A Throwback To The Early Days Of Flowhaven 3 months ago

To become recognizable, a company – regardless of its industry – must have a distinctive style. Through creative branding, mass consumers have been introduced to many renowned companies, products, and services known today. But how does the trend translate to B2B businesses? Flowhaven’s Timo Olkkola is reflecting on the importance of brand design and the impact it has made on our company in particular.

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Brand Experience Loudspeakers

The London Loudspeakers: The Story Of An Excellent Brand Experience 4 months ago

As big fans of brands, we love to tell inspiring stories about the tactics, strategies, and tricks they exploit to create unique experiences for their audience. This post reveals the strategic significance of creating a compelling brand experience in a story that happened to our team during our first acquaintance with a new loudspeaker brand.

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How Does Inbound Marketing Funnel Improve Your Brand Licensing Partnerships

How Does Inbound Marketing Funnel Improve Your Brand Licensing Partnerships? 4 months ago

Establishing business partnerships has never been an easy task, and brand licensing is by no means an exception industry. Yet, with the variety of digital marketing tricks and tactics, everyone can gain a unique competitive edge. In this article, we’re describing how inbound marketing strategy can help the industry players improve the quality, and quantity, of their licensing partnerships.

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licensing software implementation

3 Major Myths Of Brand Licensing Software Implementation Debunked 5 months ago

For many licensors and licensing agents, the mere idea of implementing licensing software is an instant dealbreaker in attempts to optimise their licensing workflows. However, the risks of this procedure are often exaggerated, making licensors too intimidated to even get started. In this article, we’re proving the biggest licensing software implementation myths false and providing actionable tips for making this process as easy as possible, also for beginners.

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