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Insights to North American Brand Licensing and Merchandising

American Licensing Gurus in Finland: Here Is What We Learned (Guest Post) 4 months ago

Earlier this month, Flowhaven organized its first brand licensing conference, Insights to North American Brand Licensing and Merchandising, in Helsinki, Finland. The conference was attended by a few dozens of high-key licensing executives from the Nordics and the industry masterminds from the U.S. Heikki Laaninen, Head of Licensing at Ferly and a dear friend of Flowhaven team, is reflecting on his experience of attending the conference.

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Brand Experience Loudspeakers

The London Loudspeakers: The Story Of An Excellent Brand Experience 8 months ago

As big fans of brands, we love to tell inspiring stories about the tactics, strategies, and tricks they exploit to create unique experiences for their audience. This post reveals the strategic significance of creating a compelling brand experience in a story that happened to our team during our first acquaintance with a new loudspeaker brand.

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Who Are Flowhaven? The Story Behind The Most Intuitive Brand Licensing Solution

Who Are Flowhaven? The Story Behind The Most Intuitive Brand Licensing Solution 1 year ago

They say the brands that win are the brands that succeed at telling a great story. In the licensing industry, this statement is both an unspoken motto and a competitive advantage for all those who follow it. And while our team’s core mission is providing a software solution for the industry’s players, we simply couldn’t underestimate the power of story. So, here is ours!

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Brand Licensing Europe 2017: How it Was

Brand Licensing Europe 2017: How It Was 1 year ago

Last week our team attended Europe’s (and, possibly, the world’s) greatest licensing show, Brand Licensing Europe, or simply BLE. Looking back, we must say it was an amazing show that impressed the visitors with unique installations, product showcases, and great side events. In this article, we’re giving our honest opinion about the best moments of this year’s BLE and why it has been the best so far.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Ble Meetings

How To Make The Most Out Of Your BLE Meetings 1 year ago

Europe’s biggest licensing event, BLE will happen just one week from now. Yet, the thrill is already here, or, rather, everywhere in the brand licensing world. Its community is ready to meet each other and discuss the future plans for their unique brands and properties and innovative products. As most of the upcoming BLE meetings have now been booked, it’s time to recall how to maximise the value of these meetings and the BLE attendance in general.

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