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How Does Inbound Marketing Funnel Improve Your Brand Licensing Partnerships

How Does Inbound Marketing Funnel Improve Your Brand Licensing Partnerships? 8 months ago

Establishing business partnerships has never been an easy task, and brand licensing is by no means an exception industry. Yet, with the variety of digital marketing tricks and tactics, everyone can gain a unique competitive edge. In this article, we’re describing how inbound marketing strategy can help the industry players improve the quality, and quantity, of their licensing partnerships.

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Minimum Guarantee Explained

The Minimum Guarantee, Explained 1 year ago

Minimum guarantee is a standard term which is met pretty much in every licensing agreement. And while the concept of minimum guarantee is nothing new to licensors of all expertise levels, the actual importance of this retainer is frequently misunderstood by many. In this article, we decided to shine a light on the different aspects of minimum guarantees and explain how exactly they matter to both sides in a licensing partnership.

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licensing agent

4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your Next Licensing Agent 1 year ago

In a broad range of cases, a professional brand licensing agent may become an indispensable player in the licensing journey. Depending on the needs of a brand, their functions and responsibilities may differ. For licensors to make the right choice of agent support, it’s important to understand what is the value and cost of their support. This is what we will talk about in this article.

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Understanding the needs of your brand's fans

4 Ways To Better Understand The Needs Of Brand's Audience 1 year ago

Nowadays, retaining consumer loyalty is nothing like an easy task. For the licensing industry, the need for licensors to be more active in matching their offer to the needs of the customers has become more pressing. In this edition, we are covering the best practices for licensors to recognize the changing, or previously hidden, needs of their customers and adjust the licensing strategy of their brands accordingly.

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The Lost Art Of Knowing Your Brand Licensing Business

Knowing Your Licensing Business: 4 Milestones That Matter 2 years ago

With the innumerable stages of the brand licensing flow, understanding the priority tasks and importance of milestones becomes a major challenge for licensors across all industries. Not being aware of what truly matters for your brand licensing business frequently entails losing royalty revenues and undermining the reputation of your brand. To bring clarity to this matter, we’re listing the landmarks that require special attention in the implementation of licensing programs.

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Brand Saturation: Reasons to Worry

Brand Saturation: Why Licensors Should Worry 2 years ago

In the world of brand licensing, many consider saturation to be connected to brand’s recognition in the licensing market. Saturation, whether low or high, is a strategic choice brands make in regards to their presence in the market. Unfortunately, many licensors misinterpret the benefits of brand saturation, rushing into extremes and thus financially losing. In this article, we’re exploring the borderline insufficient/excessive presence in licensing and how the healthy ‘golden mean’ can be achieved/

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