How Does Inbound Marketing Funnel Improve Your Brand Licensing Partnerships

How Does Inbound Marketing Funnel Improve Your Brand Licensing Partnerships? 8 months ago

Establishing business partnerships has never been an easy task, and brand licensing is by no means an exception industry. Yet, with the variety of digital marketing tricks and tactics, everyone can gain a unique competitive edge. In this article, we’re describing how inbound marketing strategy can help the industry players improve the quality, and quantity, of their licensing partnerships.

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licensing software implementation

3 Major Myths Of Brand Licensing Software Implementation Debunked 9 months ago

For many licensors and licensing agents, the mere idea of implementing licensing software is an instant dealbreaker in attempts to optimise their licensing workflows. However, the risks of this procedure are often exaggerated, making licensors too intimidated to even get started. In this article, we’re proving the biggest licensing software implementation myths false and providing actionable tips for making this process as easy as possible, also for beginners.

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Making The Development Of Licensed Products Real Fun: The Flowhaven Perspective

Making The Development Of Licensed Products Real Fun: The Flowhaven Perspective 11 months ago

Development of licensed products is a truly creative and inspirational job, and many in the brand licensing industry would agree with the statement. However, the “approval” element of this job is still seen as a routine by many licensees and licensors alike. Could it be fun, we asked ourselves? And so we came up with an idea within our own solution. This Easter edition updated explains how the idea works for both sides of the creative product development process.

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Brand Licensing Software

How Does Brand Licensing Software Improve The Collaboration Of Licensing Partners 1 year ago

As brand licensing teams realize the need for integrating a brand licensing software solution, they cannot help question the rationality of this big decision. For many, the main need for automation is to improve the internal team’s routine work and improve partner collaboration. For others, it’s all about enhancing the overall licensing progress. In this article, we will explain how do good brand licensing software solutions serve all these purposes.

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What Is A CRM Software And How Does It Serve The Brand Licensing Industry?

What Is A Brand Licensing CRM Software And How Valuable Is It To Your Licensing Business? 1 year ago

Today, businesses even in the most niche industries have recognized the value of CRM software. But how helpful is such software in brand licensing and how can licensors benefit from using it on a daily basis? Here, we will provide answers to this questions and relevant insights into the value of CRM system to brand licensing businesses.

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Minimum Guarantee Explained

The Minimum Guarantee, Explained 1 year ago

Minimum guarantee is a standard term which is met pretty much in every licensing agreement. And while the concept of minimum guarantee is nothing new to licensors of all expertise levels, the actual importance of this retainer is frequently misunderstood by many. In this article, we decided to shine a light on the different aspects of minimum guarantees and explain how exactly they matter to both sides in a licensing partnership.

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