Choosing A Licensee For Your Brand

5 Reference Points For Choosing A Licensee For Your Brand 2 years ago

They say partnerships in brand licensing are like marriages. Taken the long-lasting nature of licensing programs, this statement is no exaggeration. More often than not, licensees are the closest partners for brand owners. Typically, they also act as the party to bear the greatest degree of responsibility for the success of the licensing venture. Choosing the right licensee is, therefore, a matter of licensors’ primary concern at the start of the licensing journey, which isn’t an easy business in reality. Nevertheless, a clear understanding of the licensing objective and the licensee selection criteria make this mission more than doable. In this article, we have outlined the most important criteria for making the smartest possible choice.

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The 3 Advantages Brands Enjoy With The Brand Licensing Strategy

The 3 Advantages Brands Enjoy With The Licensing Strategy 2 years ago

Ever since the first explosion of Mickey Mouse toys, books, and commodities, licensing as an expansion strategy has been actively used by licensors in different industries. The brand licensing industry today is a multi-billion niche, with such giants as Dinsey, Nickelodeon and Warner Bros setting the consumer trends for the decades ahead. Listing of all unique and added values of licensing would qualify for a book. However, we decided to recapitulate the principal arguments to introduce the brands who haven’t previously had any licensing experience to the hidden growth opportunities.

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financial figures in brand licensing

The 3 Financial Figures All Brand Licensors Should Track 2 years ago

One of the everlasting problems that licensors frequently encounter is the need to maintain control over the financial figures of brand licensing programs. More often than not, the complication stems from the lack of licensors’ understanding of these financials and their priority status in the licensing workflow. This article aims to bring clarity to the situation and outlines the three financial figures brand licensors should continuously monitor.

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LIMA Licensing Essentials 2017

4 Reasons To Attend LIMA's Licensing Essentials Course 2 years ago

In the beginning of May, the licensing Industry’s Merchandisers Association hosted the Annual Licensing Essentials Course at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. This one-day educational event brought the international community of licensing professionals together for a discussion of the most advanced practices in the industry. Our CCO, Timo Olkkola, has had the honour to be the part of the course and is excited to share why this event is an absolute must for pros from different walks of brand licensing.

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5 Reasons Our Team Is Heading To The Licensing Expo 2017 2 years ago

In about a week’s time, the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas will host one of the biggest events in the brand licensing industry, Licensing Expo 2017. More than 16,000 of industry professionals are expected to attend the event this year, including the Flowhaven team. In the light of our excitement about the licensing week, we decided to outline the key reasons for being among the visitors this year.

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