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Our easy-to-use, scalable software helps corporate licensing teams gain control over their programs. With analytics, revenue tracking, granted rights management and more to help you gain insights and secure a winning edge over your competitors.   

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Important information in a glance

You need to see your licensing program from every angle. We give you the tools. From agreement funnels to product concepts by category and timelines, our 360° analytics lets you sort through data to see how your licensing program has performed over time. 

An in-depth look at your agreements 

Upload, compose and share agreements. Fill in the important details and our solution will create new agreements based on your requirements or templates verified by top industry professionals. 

Share digital assets and see usage stats

Put an end to the process of granting rights by sharing passwords and folders. Our state of the art software sets permissions based on the details of your agreement and generates usage reports to help you make better-informed decisions about the future.  

Take your licensing operations to the next level!

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