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The Flowhaven solution is the easiest way to share high-quality creative assets, analyze your brand’s impact and plan for the future. One-click and you have all the information you need to move your business forward.

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Curate your dashboard

Customize your dashboard to give you the most important information first. Our solution helps you keep the metrics you need at the front of your mind to see how your deals are progressing and keep your team informed. 

Agreements made simple

Create agreements anytime, any place. Plug in a few details or duplicate an existing contract and our system will help you generate new agreements verified by licensing professionals.  

Manage design submissions                    

Our secure platform makes the process of submitting digital assets easier than ever. No design will ever be made public without your okay. Your creative work is safe with us.

"With Flowhaven, we can have everything in one place, from product approvals to royalty reporting, which makes it very easy and efficient to manage all aspects of our licensing process."

Tiina Mikkonen
Head of Export and Licensing Operations at Finlayson

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