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Complete Automation

With your licensing processes fully automated, your team is spared a great amount of previously wasted time. As a result, you manage the licensing development in a shorter period and get more time and space for the creative and strategic tasks that matter.

Enhanced Control and Transparency of Processes

Our analytics provides your team with a better understanding of what direction your licensing business is headed. The analytical dashboard can be easily set up and modified based on your preferences, thus providing you with fresh and actual data to optimize your licensing performance. Consequently, your team will enjoy transparency of licensing processes and utter control over the overall progress of licensing programs.

Agile Onboarding

Being truly dedicated to our clients, we understand that each of them is unique, and so are their needs. From day one, we actively study your needs to provide the needed configuration and framework for your licensing operations. We believe that it’s by being close to our clients that we are able provide tailored and agile services that their businesses need, which is particularly essential on the early stage of our partnership.

Dedicated Support

Our diverse team has your back. Experienced in Brand Licensing, IT, Sales, and Marketing, we blend into your internal team, efficiently extending it by providing full-fledged support with your brand’s licensing processes. Our goal is to offload the licensing routine for all your employees and partners and make collaboration easier and more fun!

User license fees

Internal Users

150€ /month

Your organisation’s users

External Users

20€ /month

Every user outside your organisation

  • For licensors, its agents, subagents, and licensees
  • For agencies, it’s individual licensors, subagents, and licensees

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