Jul 16, 2018

Building Brand Loyalty Through Outstanding Customer Service: The Headphones Brand Case

Working in a technology company that serves licensing brands, I frequently read success stories of brands across different industries. Thus, the majority of concepts that rotate in this world are nothing new to me. Yet in my writing, I rarely reflect on my own understanding of "brand success" from the standpoint of a consumer. So, here's a first-hand story I like telling the most - a story of my acquaintance with brand loyalty. For privacy reasons, allow me not to disclose the name of the brand itself - I will mark it as brand X.

I once bought those awesome licensed headphones, which I loved a lot. Seriously, from the moment I tried them in the store, I immediately developed strong feelings for their sound, ease-of-use, and cool design. They served me so well - I’ve had them everywhere I went; they were my source of inspiration.

Again, it wasn’t just the fantastic quality that raised my feelings for the earphones, at least not that alone. Rich mids, sweet lows, true sonics - all in all, a pretty solid sound that shaped a fantastic listening experience. But there was something else, a visceral sentiment of being happy, edgy, hip that wearing these headphones created in mind.

I was so happy being an owner of that pair. Then, one day they broke. It’s probably needless to say I was frustrated. Yet, I almost immediately thought that I would still get the same model again

The next day I went to the store to ask whether they could run a diagnostics test on my earphones. They did, and a few days later I came back to learn that the earphones were no longer repairable.

Instead of repairing, though, they decided to give a new pair of earphones of the exact same model. Mind you, the didn't put me in the queue nor made me wait until the profound diagnostics would be over. Right then and there I got a pair of entirely new wireless Marshalls to enjoy great sound again.

Maybe it was my first such experience, but I felt as if I had never been surprised so much as a customer. Let alone by one of my favorite brands!

The X  brand is far not the first company to integrate a well-executed customer service as an approach to drive brand loyalty. However, they're probably one of the first companies to do it (nearly) impeccably. The company has recognized the positive impact of creating an excellent brand experience and made it a habit in their work with customers. Today, the X brand seems to excel at listening to customer concerns and efficiently at resolving them. Considering how great their products are, this makes them strong and stable in the market. This brand does what it promises, and does it well - this is enough to keep their audience happy and maintain high brand loyalty rates.

If only there were more such brands that under-promise and over-deliver, sparing their fans from stress and hassle, imagine how it would advance the whole brand industry?

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