Jul 4, 2018

Importance of Brand Design To B2B Businesses: A Throwback To The Early Days Of Flowhaven

One of the major values that branding holds is creating strong associations in the minds of fans. Once a company reaches certain awareness threshold, its brand design, and especially logo, become fairly easy to recognize.

At this point, brand design may produce certain feelings in the minds of fans that make them emotionally connect with a brand's specific environment. Today, brand design isn't limited to creating compelling logos. Rather, it covers a variety of digital assets, such as brand's native graphics, website layouts, social media looks, etc.

But if we look back in the history, branding was first used to identify and separate cattle breeds. Thus, brands have also acted as a sign of ownership. In my opinion, they still, at least partly, do.  

In brand licensing, the perceived and estimated values are often formed by the brand awareness figures which show how well-known a brand is, for example, globally. A brand owner would later utilize this awareness to create a new revenue stream or achieve another desired business target.

What the above comes down to is the value of being one with the brand as a fan. If you take a moment to consider what makes your most favorite brands important to you, you will likely find it to be about sharing the same values that these brands seem to uphold. That sense of belonging is a core factor that makes us so willing to support the brands we love.

In the world of B2B, strong branding represents customer trust and a high product/service quality. But could these businesses also create such sense of belonging through brand design?

Creating our Flowhaven brand design took more than six months, even though back then we were quite a small team. The most time-consuming part was actually going through the different iteration rounds and figuring out the message we want to convey with the brand image and the values we stand behind and work towards as a team. Our designers implemented the actual graphical work pretty fast, but our minds required time to create that unique sense of belonging that would unite our team. Eventually, we were able to find it through the three Flowhaven values we have established, namely trust, respect, and transparency.

What we found surprising was that the values we hold important didn’t automatically translate into our actions. Instead, we had to instill the spirit into everyday business operations. During important decision-making processes, we referred to our values as a reminder not to drift away from our chosen path. Needless to say, having our own brand design in place has played an important role in all that.

Slowly but steadily our company values started to reflect in our everyday work through our decisions, victories, and learnings.

To create the special sense of belonging, B2B companies first have to own their brands and let them guide our daily work as an ethical backbone. The ultimate success of branding isn’t only about raising the awareness but also understanding the values of a brand. This strikes the fans to share and follow the values that they so relate to. That is how important brands are for us all.  

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