Three Ways Modern Brand Licensing Management Solutions Can Eliminate Email Hassle

What would you do if you had 3 extra hours in your day? Go to lunch with a friend? Spend quality time with family? Whatever comes to mind is probably more interesting and more efficient than sorting through a sea of emails.

According to a McKinsey analysis, the average professional spends 28% of their workday reading and answering emails. For a full-time worker, that’s nearly 2.6 hours each day. The study also found that workers check their email roughly 36 times per hour and spend an average of 64 seconds trying to get back to work after each check. The results showed decreases in overall productivity and divisions in focus.

For brand licensing professionals, traditional email practices are not only time consuming, they are also costly. Emails have become the standard for maintaining relationships with partners and sharing sensitive information including agreements and style guides. Overstuffed inboxes that require frequent check-ins can cause workers to overlook important emails, miss out on decision-making opportunities, and neglect valuable attachments.  

To transform your communication methods and make emailing more effective, you need a digital solution with effective tools. Below, three ways modern technology is helping brand licensing teams tackle email hassle and win back their day.

Automated Email Notifications Keep Partners in the Loop

For most brand licensing deals, productivity relies on everyone in the email chain continuously checking their messages throughout the project lifecycle as well as sending and replying to questions to move closer to completion. If an email gets lost or a person leaves the office, the licensing workflow can be stalled or interrupted. At a time when everything from sales fliers to news bulletins is emailed, it is common for time-sensitive communications to get lost.

Whether you need to know if your product has moved into the next stage of production or if a part of your agreement requires immediate attention, automated email notifications will alert your external partners and internal team members to important status changes. Appearing vigilant can go a long way, leaving a positive impression on your partners and ensuring that you are seen as a responsive, informed partner.

Technology with customizable settings will let you determine how frequently you’ll be notified about important developments, allowing you to designate time to focus on specific deals. The same technology will also allow you to choose which team members need to be included in updates, sparing the inbox of those that don't. Because automated tasks reduce the number of emails you need to send, you’ll no longer need to stop multiple times a day to make sure all of your partners are up to date.

Repeatable Tasks Allow you to Focus on What Really Matters

According to a report by Wrikle, 70% of workers believe they spend 40% of their workday going over repeatable tasks. For brand licensing professionals that includes sending invoices, validating royalties and more--tasks that could be automated by adopting the right technologies.

Automation technology is designed to handle repetitive, tedious tasks so you can devote your time and energy to more impactful, and meaningful work, such as decision making, team collaboration and problem-solving. When you automate tasks, you maintain a level of consistency and precision that can be difficult to sustain during a busy workday. It is best to think about repeating automated tasks as a method of eliminating any activity that doesn’t deliver value including value to your team, business, or even directly to your end customer.

Store Documents Centrally

Every modern professional has either sent or received an email stating that an important attachment was overlooked or misplaced in an email chain. For brand licensing professionals who send contracts, style guides, granted rights, press releases and other sensitive information as attachments, the risks are too great.

Modern digital solutions offer centralized storage options that allow you to upload your existing agreements and any documents relevant to its completion. The best tools offer commenting features that allow you to apply notes directly to documents and well as flag areas that require attention. When you can store and collaborate on documents in one place, you eliminate the need for multiple versions for documents and ensure that everyone has access to the paperwork they need to move deals forward.

How Flowhaven Can Help

For the foreseeable future, email will be the standard method of communication for brand licensing professionals. By shifting your mindset to focus on ways to work smarter with digital solutions, you can transform the way your internal team members and external partners relate to the communication method.

If you are interested in email notifications, automated repeatable tasks, and centralized, collaborative document storage, give Flowhaven a try today. Flowhaven is an all-in-one licensing relationship management platform that has everything you need to manage—and automate—your communications effectively. For more information, schedule a demo today.

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