Solution & Features

Dedicated to brand licensing operations, our solution is formed around the real needs of the licensors and licensing agents. Therefore, it means to embrace all the brand licensing aspects from A to Z, starting from agreement management all the way to managing financial performance. The four modules of our solution enable you to efficiently organize your brand licensing activities and operations.


Agreement & Sales Management

Store, sort, and manage all your accounts and licensing agreements under one roof. Our agreement environment provides you with quick insights on your agreement status, terms and details, hence enabling you to effortlessly manage agreement pipeline and simplifying your collaboration with both internal and external users. The agreement fields are easily configurable, so even the very specific needs of your business are covered.


Digital Content Distribution

When it comes to sharing your digital file assets with your licensing partners, speed of the process becomes essential. With our cloud-based solution, all your content is securely kept and accessed in one space. Digital content sharing is automated in a way that spares you from having to manually open the access rights to files and folders for each of your users.The content management tools, advanced search capabilities, and analytics of logins and downloads make content sharing a real breeze.


Design Approvals & Collaboration

Our solution’s simple and comprehensive collaboration environment empowers you, your team, and licensing partners to create, comment on, and approve licensing designs in real time. Automated functions help to eliminate the email clutter as well as long waiting times previously associated with approving licensed products. You can manage and create your own approval stages and pipelines based on specific categories and property types. In addition, our solution enables effortless recognition of the concepts that need urgent revision from your list view, making it simple to monitor the outstanding tasks.


Sales Report Management & Validation

The automated reporting tool encourages your licensing partners to submit reports in time and makes it easy for your internal team to validate these reports against the granted rights. As a result, you don’t compromise your financial figures – the risks of manual errors and losses in revenue recognition are significantly diminished.