Winning licensing teams use Flowhaven

Designed to streamline brand licensing programs, Flowhaven understands the real needs of brand owners, licensing agents and manufacturers. Our platform is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that covers all aspects of licensing management — from nurturing to scaling — to enable companies to centralize their accounts and operate efficiently.

Top features

  • Access software that easily adapts to your company’s needs
  • Get a 360° view of your company’s licensing deals
  • Use powerful analytics to manage your licensing programs more effectively
  • Strengthen your partner relationships through efficient communication and seamless collaboration

In a nutshell

Single centralized solution

Find and organize relevant paperwork and collaborators in one easy-to-use interface

Automated workflows

Use our modifiable program to simplify your workflow and construct easy when/if scenarios.

Advanced analytics

Activate our in-depth analytics tools to see how your product is performing in real-time.

Creative collaboration tool

Assign usernames to internal and external team members to maximize efficiencies and improve communication.

Increased speed-to-market

Minimize the time between production and profit

Personalized support

Access our on-call support team to help you customize our program and train your staff. 

Powered by the world's #1 CRM platform

Did you know that Flowhaven is a Salesforce partner? When you join Flowhaven you also join a community of 150,000+ experts and sales professionals with a passion for growth.

Proactive account and sales management

Create, store and edit your business partner accounts, individual contacts and licensing agreements on the Flowhaven platform. Our solution empowers your personnel to collaborate with external teams efficiently and seamlessly to manage both sales and development pipelines, all under one roof. Our agreement management tool and agreement templates are configurable to the exact needs of your business, making your licensing operations easily manageable.

Seamless digital asset sharing

Store and share your branded digital asset files safely, while easily granting access to your internal and external licensing team members. With Flowhaven, you encourage your licensees to take quick action with comprehensive collaboration environment and automatic submission notifications. Our fully automated content sharing tool spares your licensing team from having to grant them access to IP rights for individual users.

Efficient design collaboration

Encourage your internal team to prioritize tasks and respond to licensees’ queries faster. Enjoy the fully automated tool for handling revisions and approvals. With powerful analytics reports and dashboards, you can view the status of the product pipeline, recognize bottlenecks, and avoid delays. This empowers you to get licensed products to market faster, maximize their sales windows, and make your licensees happier.

Powerful sales report management

Unify your sales reporting activities and generate automatic sales report requests to simplify the reporting procedure for your licensing partners. Flowhaven's report validation tools empower you to identify errors within your reports and resolve them quickly. Use the saved time to build better custom reports and dashboards to monitor financial metrics and progress and enjoy the lowered risks of revenue loss and shorter market delivery times.

Want to see Flowhaven in action?

Learn how Flowhaven makes managing and scaling your licensing program easier–through effortless partner collaboration, royalty management, and an easy-to-use cloud-based interface.

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